Speed in data treatment: if Google can do it, why not your computer experts?

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You open Google, write anything down and in less than it takes you to lift your finger off the mouse, you have the search’s result on your screen.

Do you really think the managing of the content information from all over the Internet is easier than the processing of your data?

Can somebody really state that you do not get your report in the time you want it, in spite of the speed others achieve, or process your data as fast as you would want to, because these other computes or Google’s computers are more powerful?

Unless you possess an infrastructure of servers that are clearly out of phase or badly sized, do not let this mislead you:  

If you wish your data processes or your reports took way less time, and your team does not propose any clear and safe solutions, there is a great possibility that your team does not even know what can actually be done with a database.

Here is an example of a pretty common and basic mistake:

A, for example, Java developer, is commissioned to generate a report in which a series of statistical data is shown for each client, which has to be calculated using many other data that can also be found in the database. 

I have seen countless times how, then, the developer reads the first client’s database, then proceeds to read the data he needs to calculate that client’s statistics, calculates them and moves on to do the same thing with the next client, until having done as such with all of its clients.

If the number of costumers is very small, and there are few data, this may not pose a problem. However, when the number of customers or statistical data is increased, this translates into execution times and system overloads so great that it stops being operational.

Your Java developer will probably state that this cannot be done in any other way, and it is possible they will not even imagine what they can do with a database. 

The programming power a database server has when processing data is immensely powerful in comparison to implementations such as the one I have mentioned.

Procedures, functions, triggers, joint works, indexes, parallel asynchronous executions, job queues, distributed executions, pre calculated consultations, cubes and a very long etcetera of functionalities that many developers do not know about. 

As database experts, we can help you manage and obtain your information as you want it, in optimal times, safely and with guarantees. And this is not because we know more than anyone else, but because we know a lot and we have a lot of experience on what we know: management, safety, processing and information analysis.  

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